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Premier Research Labs is the world leader in cellular resonant formulations, their wonderful supplements have saved my life!

Premier Research Labs

The World Leader in Cellular Resonant Formulations


When I was at my sickest point, I discovered this incredible brand of supplements and they saved my life. Many key nutrients contained in their formulas have been sourced from once-living, natural sources.They believe that premier nutrients (exquisitely well-grown and free of undesirable tagalongs), when the supplements are combined together, their effect can be far greater than the sum of their individual benefits. This is what we call the “Premier Quality Effect”™. Premier products are the result of their relentless search to find not only the best grown phytonutrients worldwide, but also those with premier energetic properties.

Over the years, I have taken supplements to help build my immune system, control the symptoms of menopause and to heal my body from the side effects of COVID. As a result of my bladder condition, I have been unable to use any commercial vitamins or supplements. Most over the counter supplements contain ascorbic acid that inflames ulcers inside my bladder. Premier Research supplements are free of the harsh additives and fillers most commercial brands use. There is no purer supplement on the market, in my opinion.  

Hands down the best supplements I have found and now I can share them with my clients. Let's work together to find which ones will work best for you to help you feel healthier, have more energy and live longer!

Some of my daily go to supplements are:

Vitamin C, Vitamin D3+K2, Nucleo Immune, Zinc, NAC, Calcium Magnesium, B12, Green Tea Extract (to support the thyroid), Premier ph Minerals, Adaptogen,  Premiere Digest, AdrenaVen, CereVen, Melatonin and my favorite for gut health - Premier Probiotic! 

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