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My Ultimate Guide to Staying Healthy During Holiday Travel

Nov 27, 2023

As you prepare for your holiday travels, we want to ensure that you not only have a fantastic trip but also take great care of your health. To make your journey even more enjoyable, here's my  guide with six valuable tips to help you feel your best during your travels:

Choose Smart Snacks 


When packing snacks, go for healthier options like fresh fruits, nuts, and protein  bars. These snacks provide energy and keep you feeling full for longer, unlike chips and candies that might leave you hungry quickly.  (If your on the program I  coach, make sure you stick to healthy options within your plan)


Hydrate with Water 

Drinking enough water is crucial. Proper hydration helps you stay energized, maintain focus, and even combat jet lag. Remember to sip water regularly throughout your journey.  It also prevents swelling when flying and keeps you moving with more trips to the restroom!  

Stay Active on the Go 

Sitting for extended periods while traveling can lead to stiffness and discomfort. To prevent this, make it a habit to stretch and move around during breaks. You can also do simple exercises, like ankle circles, to keep your blood flowing.  And all of that water and bathroom trips will help create more movement.  

Prioritize Restful Sleep 

Getting a good night's sleep before your trip is vital. Adequate rest boosts your immune system, improves mood, and helps you adapt better to changing time zones if you're crossing time zones.

Maintain Good Hygiene 

Frequent handwashing is one of your best defenses against germs. This becomes especially important during travel, where you encounter various surfaces and people. Clean hands are key to staying healthy and illness-free.  I like to carry a small hand sanitizer with lavender in my purse or backpack.  

Embrace the Journey! 

Lastly, make sure to enjoy every moment of your adventure. A positive attitude and fun experiences can have a tremendous impact on your well-being. Happy travelers are healthier travelers.  

By following my  tips, you can ensure that your holiday travel is not only memorable but also leaves you feeling fantastic throughout your journey. Take great care and make the most of your travels!

Safe and healthy travels! XOXO

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