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Whether it be discussing my journey back to health, improving productivity at home and the office or building confidence through my martial arts background, I will entertain and educate your guests.  I guarantee they will leave with simple tools and techniques that will improve their lives.

I love speaking but consider my master calling as being a teacher. I love interaction and having fun, so it won't be your run of the mill boring presentation.

But, Why Me?


As well as being a charismatic and inspiring speaker, jk... I am brutally honest, authentic and imperfect (and a huge dork), but my content has lasting impact, it's powerful and practical with many audience members saying they're still using my strategies and techniques long after the event. 

Audiences hear concepts that are simple to adopt and receive steps that are easy to put in place on-the-job and in your life. Your guests leave motivated and excited to try something new to empower their personal lives, relationships and careers. I offer inspirational support and actionable steps to achieve desired results! 

"Today was a game-changer for me, I now have the tools to take my health in my own hands and the tools to help me get there!"

Brittany G.

My Most Requested Topics:

  • Eating for Optimal Health: The Importance of Fueling Our Bodies Through Balanced Nutrition

  • Gaining Clarity: Know Your WHY and Make it Your B!TCH

  • Self Defense Seminars: Empowering and Educating Women to Be Aware and Confident

  • Goal Setting and Habit Training: Creating a Roadmap for Good Health, Success and Happiness

  • Mindset and Motivation: Inspiring others on how to lose weight, sleep better, increase their energy  and live their best life in the most effective way

  • Personal Branding and Marketing: Creating the Perfect Message to Attract Your Avatar

  • Two Time Best Selling Author: Book Signings and Round Table Discussions

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I speak on a range of in-demand health and leadership topics in popular formats, such as a short talk, a 60-minute keynote, an interactive lunch and learn or a leaders’ half day development session. I am engaging on-stage, at the front of a room or on-screen.  

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