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Let’s Make Your Home a Sanctuary!

May 21, 2023
When looking at our health holistically, we have to take a look at other things besides our food and how they impact our health. Today, let’s take a look at our surroundings. Do they stress you out? Are they so cluttered that it makes you anxious or depressed? Are you so disorganized that your brain is always spinning? How can we make your surroundings help you stay healthy?
Let’s Make Your Home a Sanctuary!
Your surroundings have a tremendous impact on your mindset!
If  your home has you feeling more trapped than relaxed, there’s a simple fix: You can use your “circle of influence” to flip the script ....
... and take action to create a home you LOVE to spend time in!
There’s a simple 3-step process to take your home from “lived-in” to loved.
💙Step 1 - Declutter – Get rid of things you don’t love or use.
💚Step 2 - Organize – Make a place for everything – and put everything in its place. (It’s amazing how much clutter is caused by items not having a regular “home” in your house or apartment.)
💙Step 3 - Arrange – Give your rooms a quick DIY refresh by rearranging your furniture or home decor items. This will make them more pleasant to spend time in. PLUS, shaking up your surroundings a little can also help shake up your old patterns and routines.
Some Decluttering Tips:
Focus on one area at a time. Being able to see progress will help keep you motivated.
Take before and after pictures to inspire yourself!
Don’t pull out more than you can put back in 15-20 minutes. In other words, if you’re going to declutter a closet, don’t empty the whole thing unless you know you will be able to take care of everything the same day.
The goal is not to make a big mess, but a clean, organized space. Make it fun: Set a timer and see how much you can accomplish in just 15 minutes. Get the kids to join in (they will love turning it into a timed game).

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